While Trump is busy pushing Huawei into his political war against China, Huawei launched their World’s largest store in Shanghai. I discovered it just now and I was amazed as I was exploring the store through the videos and pictures.

Huawei picked one of Shanghai’s historical buildings, The Nanjing Building. It is around a hundred year old structure. Huawei preserved this cultural landmark’s original beauty and charm while renovating it into a modern, most advanced super store for the company.

Not just a store

What I learn that this location is not just a store. Huawei scheduled over 60 free lectures every week.

Creatives and Tech experts from around the world alongside the local professionals and artists will conduct these lectures on topics including video production, programming, fitness, and music.

“Huawei is creating a community of communication and sharing where every consumer can join.”

I would want to be in there, every single day!

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