Pictures of a young girl confidently standing in a strong posture holding her feet down to surfing board, racing waves like an expert, surfaced on a Facebook Page at a beautiful rainy evening of hot summer of Karachi.

Unfortunately, the Page, (which I am not mentioning for a purpose at this point) did not tell much other than claiming her being, and I quote “A nine-year-old Baloch girl surfing & skateboarding on Waves.”

And they added, “It would be a huge shame, if we didn’t tap & harness this raw & sheer talent!”

What they forgot to mention that she is actually from Iran and the word “Balouch” was part of her name, which they converted into “Baloch” to portray her as a Pakistani girl.

Naturally, everyone came on-board to share the post, supporting a blooming talent so she will not be lost under the sand of time without engraving her name, like many others.

Being a huge supporter of young talents myself, I jumped that band-wagon too – almost. I needed to know more about her, and I also needed to verify if the claim was true.

Sadly, my repeated searches did not return me solid information to work with. In fact, they made the entire post doubtful, hence I am not including the name of said Facebook Page here.

This is a set of four pictures. Three pictures showed the girl on a surfboard, riding the waves and one is a large, clear portrait of said 9-year ^Baloch^ star.

Initially I was unsure of the other three pictures but this portrait is assigned to an 8-year old surfer from Iran. Her name is Venous Balouch and she should be 10 by now.

Later questioning led me to her Instagram Account.

This bio of her I found on a website

“Venous is a young and ambitious surfer from Iran. At only eight years old, she has won first place in two championships in Iran for the under 10 girls division. Surfing gave Venous power and joy.

She now wants to become a pro surfer. Besides surfing, she also loves to skate, scooter, and bike. She wants to go to university so that she can become a doctor and help others.

Her scholarship will help her with the cost of English lessons as well as a coach so that she can learn new techniques on her short-board.”

So turned out, the Facebook Page misinformed us to gain good numbers of shares. A very cheap click-bait.

So what if she is not from Pakistan. Iran is a friendly country, and she is young, she is talented so we wish her the best of luck, we wish her to achieve her goals and become a successful surfer.

Let’s watch her surf!

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