When 400 men are present at a place and all of them are watching a woman being groped and harassed, you know there is something severely wrong with society. The woman kept crying and shouting to get help as her clothes were being ripped off but unfortunately, everyone turned a blind eye. The recent incident at Minar-i-Pakistan, Lahore is an indication of dying humanity.

Image Source: Daily Pakistan

No one would have thought that a historical landmark could be a dangerous place to be at Independence Day. The victim was being groped by 400 men for hours and the video is now trending on the internet. It started at 6:30 and kept happening till 9:00 PM. The men held her limbs so she could not fight back and there was no chance of running away from literally hundreds of men. None of those men felt shame, no tongue spoke out, no heart had the fear of Allah and no soul got shattered at the realization of what was happening. All of those got a chance and they took advantage. The police could not reach at the crime scene for as long as 2.5 hours.

Those men did not care about the sanctity of that place, another person’s body, the month of Muharram. The fact that stripping a woman’s clothes carries death penalty did not affect them. What can be the state of their mind at that moment? What turned these so called humans into animals? They might be thinking that they can get away with it. They might have thought that victim blaming is so common, no one would file a case against 400 men.

What is extremely frustrating is that she was evidently patriotic, she was there to celebrate at 14th of August and this is how her fellow countrymen have treated her. The woman’s name is Ayesha Akram. She was making a patriotic tiktok video when she was groped. What happened to that poor lady is the worst nightmare of any girl turning into humanity. Girls are scared to be alone around men and there is a valid reason for that. The tragedies like this have engraved fear in every heart. This is extremely alienating and gut wrenching.

The questions like; why was she there? Why was she alone? Why at that time? have somewhat contributed to the creation of such inhumane men, who can only act like animals. This is a shame for our country that a woman was molested for celebrating Pakistan’s independence at the national monument. Four hundred men harassing a woman is not our culture and should never be remembered that way. The FIR against all of them has been registered and collective punishment should be the end result.

Moral and social degeneration cannot be fixed by the laws alone. The nation needs to be educated, a campaign against such men should be supported by all Pakistanis; regardless of their gender. This heart wrenching incident should be the eye opener for our country. It is high time to put a full stop to such incidents so that no woman feels unsafe in public. Justice must be served to Ayesha.

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