Photo of the Week is taken by Sidra Sharfi from Sids Diaries. She is a Lifestyle and Fashion influencer.

This picture may not win any awards on technical basis but the message she captured is soulful and thought-provoking. I love it and I love how she described it in the caption of her Instagram post.

I am glad Sidra let me share her post with you guys. Follow her Instagram or Twitter. She posts reviews of food and lifestyle products too.

This year has been unlike anything we imagined it would be. Times are tough, hearts are discouraged and anxiety is at an all-time.
One of my recent clicks made me realized #khushikyahai (what is happiness) – that how small things can bring joy to your tough times.

This kid’s bonding with the dog and his happiness in sharing is a lesson to us that despite of tough circumstances one should live in the moment, one should spread joy, enjoy happiness and share happiness

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