This very simple short Urdu film from See Prime is capable of jolting you big time. If you are reading these lines before watching the short, then I strongly suggest you to watch it. It is only 10 minutes long.

Within first couple of minutes I picked on the idea or the story of ‘Ammi Jaan’. It intrigued me to know more and that’s a good thing when visuals in the start invited a viewer to continue on watching.

So yes I liked the short film. While watching it I was all in it. But at the end, after coming out of the emotional grip of the story, I felt there were too many unnecessary elements in it.

I would discard the entire talking sequence from the start and cut right to the father and son visiting the mother. It will cut the film in half, because you know, it is a short film, the shorter it is, the better. And most importantly, the message would easily be conveyed without the comedic relief, which felt like a distraction.

I would still keep those extras in the frame, but I would remove all their conversations. This story would be far more effective without those comedic relieves. It will portray the dense spooky silence of the graveyard too. It would add intensity and maybe the writer will focus to write better lines for the lead characters.

I would also show the expressive reactions of mother. She was sad in start, waiting. She was pleased to see her boys came to visit. I would include her expressing the calm and peacefulness when the boys were praying. I would show others that they too feel in need of that peace.

In short, I would want to see how important our visits and our prays are for our departed beloved ones, especially parents.

But it was my take, it is beautifully delivered, performance of the child actor was below average but he managed to land the impact.

Let me share a couple of comments or reactions worth mentioning from the YouTube comments of this film.

Ammi Jaan is a must watch.

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