What a wonderful short film APPyness is. Danielle nailed the performance. she was good at portraying the emotions.

There is an app for everything and in this imaginary future, there’s an app to control the emotions. Just be aware, the app is in Beta phase and for limited use only.

A troubled young woman tests out the new app that lets her control when and how she feels emotions before an important job interview.

Everything was going superbly in her favor, until things got out of her control…

APPyness by Ryan Turner

Danielle Dallas Roosa, Stephanie Andrea Barron, Ray Stoney, Jona Xiao, Kevin Grady, and Gavin Leatherwood

Directed by Ryan Turner
Written by Kathleen Roosa, Ryan Turner, Danielle Dallas Roosa
Produced by Tanner Sawitz
Executive Producer RJ Hendricks
Cinematography by Rafael Gomez
Production Design by Tiffany Smith
Original Music by Simon Jay and Luke Shrestha
Casting Directors Ashley Dunsing and Anna Mayworm

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