We personally love on-point reviews come from people who know their strengths and our good friend Omayer at Hawwsips is one such person. This is what he said about Street Food ordered from NinjaWok.

Customized meal options always grab our attention & this time it was NINJA WOK, who are serving Asian street food.

Our Order

Wok #1 : Price 445
Egg noodle base
Beef as our protein
Ninja Special sauce (CHILI BASIL)
Mushrooms, Spinach, toasted sesame & fried garlic
Spice Level: HELL

Wok #2: Price 395
Egg fried Rice
Gangnam Sauce (Spicy Korean)
Shitaki Mushroom, sweet corn, roasted peanuts & spring onion.
Spice level: Hot

Our Take on the Food

1) Taste: 8/10
Authentic street style foo taste, balance of flavours & spices were on spot just have to add a little more heat to Hot Spice level, everything was cooked & seasoned nicely, a different taste than usual which we appreciated it.

2) Quality: 8/10
Fresh ingredients, imported rice & sauces.

3) Quantity: 9/10
Impressive portion size. Toppings & meat generously added.

4) Packaging: 7/10
Need to improve so that it keeps the food warmer for a longer period of time.

Overall it was a good purchase & looking forward to try other combinations too.


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