She is a Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer. She is known for preparing appetizing meals and naturally, she talks about food in her social media posts. She covers events and she does modeling too, for her own Instagram posts and for the brands. She does all of this and more while taking care of her home and family. Yes, she is a mother too!

In case if you missed reading the title of this post, her name is Sohni Rehman (IG: @blog_by_sohnirehman). She is a dear friend, one of the most warm-welcoming and friendly people I come across in the blogging community of Karachi.

I was saving that introduction for her proper interview, which is on hold because the world is on a break, in case if you did not get the memo from Covid19.

Sohni Rehman is in our Style Corner today!

Amid this world-wide break, Sohni had an stunning photoshoot for a clothing brand, Zarish K (IG: @zarish__k). Sohni represented their “Dikhawa” collection, and select a beautiful white embellished shirt with pure chiffon dupatta and cotton silk trouser.

“Very comfortable for summer”, said Zarish K, “The gorgeous Sohni looks absolutely radiant in our hot white cotton silk shirt! It comprised fully embellished net sleeves, perfect for a chic and Ready-to-go look!”.

The Dress Code is W141H in case if Sohni inspired you to try this on.

Their family photographer, Khurram Hameed from K Klicks (IG: @k__klicks) did a remarkable job as always, in capturing her fun candid, her natural heart-warming joyful smile as well as her elegant Diva-side.

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