by Rehmat Tanzila

Beware of a poet whose heart’s been trampled upon. Beware of him for he can make you the subject of his poems and tell you how he, at the moment feels about you. Beware of his company if you are told to be a delight to his heart. Beware of a poet because his heart is a deep ocean that you can’t ever measure. Beware of a poet because deep down he knows every truth related to you and himself, at first. Beware of a poet for he’s so clingy, he can die for you if you reside in his soul. Beware of a poet and his words, he can make things confusing yet unknowingly comprehendible.

Beware of a poet. Neve befriend a poet or you’re at loss. Because a poet is a loss. You don’t deserve loss. You’re the winning. The prize itself. Please beware of a poet. For God’s sake

For how many times I’d have to tell you, you don’t deserve a death. The darkness isn’t your forte. It’s a poet’s! So beware of a poet for he can lead you to the gloominess. Oh but why should you hold his hand? Yes, you shouldn’t. Don’t make it your domain. Make a poet get out of your reach. Make yourself unaffordable. Don’t bless him your sight for your gaze is the trigger. Don’t talk sweetly for your tongue is the prompt. Don’t touch him, don’t kiss him goodnight for your lips are his wine. A poet is in greed for all of this. Beware of him. I’d keep on repeating it unless you promise me you wouldn’t befriend a poet!

Beware of the day when a poet falls in love with you. Beware of his love for it’s so feverish. Beware of his poems because they’re all written for you no matter how many times he denies the fact; you are the founding quickie. Beware of his love for it’s authentic and pure no one had ever done to you. Beware if he says he falls for you every time he talks to you. It’s lethal. His love is lethal. And toxic. Beware of his emotional tantrums, they’re so hard to handle. You can’t. You can never do that. Just do me a favor. Beware of his stare for whenever he sees you, it means you’re done. You’re no more an ordinary. You’ve entered the realm of his kingdom where there’s no outlet. Beware when a poet falls in love with you. Beware if he pats you sleep and whispers in your ears. Beware for his whispers are poisonous. His voice is sensual. It can destroy you for it destroys himself as well, altogether. Beware of his love. Beware of him.

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