While Peter’s promotional video showcases the extremely powerful side of Canon EOS R5’s video capabilities most beautifully, in Photography, I believe Irene Rudnyk did a perfect job to do the same.

She took Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 to various photoshoots with her gorgeous models, in different lighting conditions, and at different locations. My personal favorite was indoor light-painting. Now she is not a tech reviewer so, in her video, you will not find her talking the tech side of these cameras. What you will see are the pictures she took of her models and her experience of using these two cameras.

Canon EOS R5 has been the most anticipated and most hyped camera of the year, the year 2020 that is. After months of teasing bits and pieces of specs, videos of EOS R5 are starting to pop up on YouTube.

Canon sent their new masterpiece EOS R5, and its lite version EOS R6 to very selected influencers. These Canon Ambassadors have been busy with pre-production units of these Cameras. And others are waiting in line to get their hands on these hottest entries of the imagine industry.

Irene is one of the Canon Ambassador in Canada. She compared the differences between her older Canon shooter and improvement she noticed in EOS R5 during the shoots. The Eye-focus and in-body image stabilization (IBIS) definitely helped her getting better portraits in challenging spots.

Unlike many others, Irene preferred larger pixel counts of EOS R5 over EOS R6. She was able to work better with R5’s RAW images. However, she suggests getting better hardware for editing images because obviously, the RAW files of 48megapixels are – huge.

Irene is a professional fashion and portrait photographer, but her husband is not. With Canon EOS R5, he managed to take her beautiful portraits in almost point-and-shoot mode…

She said she is not a videographer but she did try EOS R5’s video too because why not.

Stunning models featured in her video:

Lesha : https://www.instagram.com/_leshajay/
Rachel : https://www.instagram.com/rachelbutler1/
Hadiza : https://www.instagram.com/hadizaamedu…
Adeliese : https://www.instagram.com/adeliese_mu…

Portraits Irene took on her Instagram

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