Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Beautiful Sohni, an Influencer, Model, and a Mother

She is a Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer. She is known for preparing appetizing meals and naturally, she talks about food in her social media posts. She covers events and she does modeling too, for...
Abdal Mufti, Digital Artist and Storyteller with his artwork in his room

Nostalgic Lonely Sadness: An Interview with Abdal Mufti

Abdal Mufti (self-taught storyteller & illustrator) is a promising digital artist whose work has enchanted us. With a prominent following that is intrigued by his use of light, colors, and shadows, it doesn’t take...

Bol Do Na Zara, Covered by Maira Meher

More information to be addCover CreditsVideo Shot & Editing by: Anill mirzaProducer/Director: Lakeoffashion Model: Maira Meher Voice Credits: Shirley Setia Vedio Shot In PakistanOriginal Song Credits: Bol Do na ZaraVocals: Armaan Malik...

Karina Martins Takes an Iconic Self Portrait

What it takes to make a beautiful trendy self-portraits? Karina Martins shares her attempt of making an artistic portrait of herself in her latest Instagram post. Swipe through the images and in the end,...

Create with Kika, Creative Powerhouse

I come across her video and I love her work from the get-go. Her Instagram account is full of creativity and positive vibes. Her style of photography is equally wonderful an art in its...

5 Vlog Templates to get YOU started NOW

The 5 formats for vlogging, Cody Wanner exploring to make vlogging easier. I am copying all of this for a testing purpose."The idea of making a vlog is great, but when it comes to...


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