Monday, June 14, 2021

Editing Images on a Mobile Phone

This this video, Sean Tucker is sharing his process of Editing the images of his street photography, on-the-go, using his smartphone. On Samsung Note 9 to be exact. Apps of his choice are (as...

How to Photograph a Protest

Being bloggers in Pakistan means, we are often get invited to different events, including walks for various causes and some of us get to cover protests too.Nature of the protests are not as massive...
Taking Care of Covid-19 patient at home

How to Take Care of Covid-19 Positives at Home

Situation of Coronavirus in Pakistan is getting out of control. Top positioned health professionals may have knowledge and training of treating a Covid-19 patients similar stories and repeated incidents at medical facilities paint an...

5 Vlog Templates to get YOU started NOW

The 5 formats for vlogging, Cody Wanner exploring to make vlogging easier. I am copying all of this for a testing purpose."The idea of making a vlog is great, but when it comes to...


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