Friday, September 30, 2022

First Fun Visit to Poulet Fried Chicken, DHA, Karachi

We had a nice experience at Poulet. It is a new eatery open in heart of DHA Phase VI. I thought Poulet (Fried Chicken) was not officially 100% operational but turned out, yes they...

1c, The Coldest Drink, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Outlet

Ideally, the temperature of the coldest drink should be 1 Degree Centigrade, and this is what this Liquid Shop is offering, the coldest drink possible since after this, it will no longer be a...

First Karachi Marigold Festival, with Tofiq Pasha

First First Karachi Marigold Festival. Why first in 70 years I asked and the answer was, well not I was expecting but it was the voice within me somewhere too.Parks are some of my...

Pakistan National Day Mash-up

We (@SocialsSay) dedicated an evening for Pakistan. We celebrated it by singing bits and pieces of our new and old Pakistani national songs.Friends of friends and friends from social media took some time out...

Interview: Sada that is Touching Hearts and Saving Lives

Ms. Fawzia Siddiqui started her journey to create Sada Welfare Foundation from a tragedy of her own. She decided not to fall over and cry her pain, but to get up and help others.


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