Where Muslim countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE has banned the series, it has taken Pakistan by storms. Aired almost in sixty countries in more than seventeen languages.

After watching all 5 seasons of Dirilis Ertugrul I decided to make a post to summarize the whole series. This is the only drama which is the true portrayal of Islam in which the entire call to prayer has been given. Many Hadiths, Quranic verses, Lessons, and advice from the life of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him and Sahaba are also included. True Islamic values, principles, compassion, morality, spirituality, respect of relations with parents, children, spouses, friends, commanders, soldiers and even with enemies. Funeral prayers have also been performed in full and marriage has also been shown in the correct Sunnah way.

It has shown the insight of geo-military and political strategies, introduce the biological warfare by Byzantines to Muslims which is relevant and relatable today.

The show featured protagonists Muslim Rulers who always took wise, humble and balanced decisions even in complex situations. Manifest the attributes of a true leader like Forgiveness, kindness, Tolerance, Accountability, Optimism, Military strategies, rules of Warfare, Justice System and End of Treason based on Islamic culture and values. Tells us what is Har’am and what is Halal. The trust in Allah which has given the series more power. To sum up I must say instead of debating whether it should be aired on National Television or not, we should incorporate its positive aspects into our lives.

The one thing which I loved the most is the loud sounds of Allah-o-Akbar after every victory

Disclaimer: We are not the author of this summary. Before publishing the post, we look for the original author. We found the post on a Facebook Group of friends, shared via Rehan Ali.

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