This this video, Sean Tucker is sharing his process of Editing the images of his street photography, on-the-go, using his smartphone. On Samsung Note 9 to be exact. Apps of his choice are (as shown in the video) Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Polarr, Snapseed and Darkroom (an iOS-only app)

Sean Tucker is one of my favorite photographers when it comes to Street Photography style, and for his videography and interview styles too. By trait, he is a professional portrait photographer.

His approach toward Street Photography is very simple and minimalist. Very “Less is more” philosophy. Since I have been following his YouTube channel for a long time so I am aware of how he got into Photography business, and what got him into Street Photography.

Sean often use smartphone for taking photos on street but his pick of camera for the purpose is one of the finest, perfect shooter, Ricoh GR3. Sean got an entire video on his minimalist, pocket setup for street photography, which is part 1 of this video.

In Part 1, he takes you through the benefits of photographing with a point and shoot camera, and why he chose the Ricoh GR3!

Sean Tucker’s Links:


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