A general conception was, lack of physical activities and movement will come as weight gain during the lockdown due to 2020 pandemic.

While it is true for many, Faraz Ahmed has been enjoying a different, more positive changes.

I believe Faraz explained it better so let’s read him and see if you can get the same physical and mental positivity with a slight alter diet. Follow his Facebook Page for Interesting Contents he posts.

Healthy eating has been something cyclical for me since the past decade…however during this time of pandemic it has been more consistent than ever.

Since childhood I’d always been a fan of all fruits and some vegetables, eventually, I started having all vegetables as well cuz you know what they say about taking your greens n all in the right manner for a balanced diet.
Prepping food is generally cathartic for me, but prepping a fruit salad is even more than that, and the feeling of wholesomeness kicks in even before I eat it.

It has been almost 150 days since I had any junk food / fast food / cheat meals or any other parallel to the same and I definitely feel a major change in my body as well as my mental health.

A lot of people have been asking me about my weight loss journey and honestly, I didn’t make any meal plans or specific diet schedules except avoiding all of the above as well as carbonated drinks.

Also… I’ve got a sweet tooth and I’ve hardly had dessert a few times in this time period so my value / appreciation for each bite of those desserts along with gratitude was multiplied tenfold.

I strongly believe in the fact that food to workout ratio for healthy living is definitely 80:20 and I’ve personally experienced that since March 2020 this year.

If you were to ask me about my weight goals then honestly I have none and only aim for healthy living and looking reasonably decent in what I wear.

This very thought enables me to practice a slow and steady process allowing my body to adapt to the change organically instead of forcing it into some process and then plugging out of it eventually to get back into the same cycle I was stuck in since the past decade.

Healthy eating has been something cyclical for me since the past decade…however during this time of pandemic it has…

Posted by Faraz Ahmed on Friday, August 7, 2020
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