It is true that the Food Industry attracts good business, but with it comes strong and often dirty challenges too, hence the reality is very different than the popular belief.

On the surface, Food industry in Pakistan seems to be the most successfully thriving industry even during the ongoing pandemic.

A general concept is, if you want quick success, opening a restaurant is a sure way to go there. In reality, however, I have seen many such investments vanish within a few months.

Rough economical condition and the growing influence of social media have enabled many individuals to start home-based businesses. But not knowing the essential ingredients of business, stopped many from sustaining into the market.

In other words, whether it is a well-invested cafe, a roadside food cart or food-truck, or a home-based chef, they confront situations they have not prepared for, and the outcome is often, disheartening.

Fantastic Chefs is an initiative by The Biz Today International to identify and then to tackle such challenging aspects through multiple methods with the help of seasoned contributors on board.

The soft launch of the Forum “Fantastic Chefs” was arranged with the partners, core members, and a limited number of guests at Hotel Mehran, in Karachi.

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