First First Karachi Marigold Festival. Why first in 70 years I asked and the answer was, well not I was expecting but it was the voice within me somewhere too.

Parks are some of my favorite places I love to be at, but cannot. And I am talking about the Parks, not the Grounds.

The Grass, Plants, Trees, the singing birds, and yes I happen to love the squeaking squirrels too in the mix. I don’t think many people have had the chance to sit under a tree during mid-day of summers..Only homeless and the addicts, or crazies like myself. The cool under the tree is out of this world. You crave for it when you once had it..And so I went to the Festival again, yes, twice I visited the place and the next time I recorded an insightful and inspiring conversation with Tofiq Pasha Mooraj.

We talked about what becomes of the Parks and how he and the new administration is trying to change and improve on the situation..We talked about what Mr. Pasha is up to with his own Tofiq Pasha’s World, the workshops, and many of his activities..And I tried to sum it all up into this video. Pasha saheb was busy with his visitors but he took time out to talk to me and it was great honor and pleasure.

Facebook is not the place to write a lot so I will try to write more of my thoughts on the festival and the situation of parks on the website…

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Stabilized with Smart XR by Aochuan_gimbal..

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