Karachi, once again has been flooded with heavy rain. Friday has brought about worst repercussions for the citizens of the particular city. The city of lights bears hefty traffic jam which, as a result has halted the walk of life. More to add, the weather forecast agencies have broadcasted the warnings of flood if the rain continues to fall. The place has become nothing but knee-deep in water damaging the vehicles and houses, at the same time.

rain in karachi
Source: Dawn

What rain brings in Karachi?

The rain, of course, is a blessing, but sometimes it lashes the most horrible consequences in some parts of the area. Being a metropolitan city with a vast population and an underdeveloped drainage system has to bear a lot of nastiest aftermath; just as the power gets out, traffic jams could halt the system of life and flooded roads that make the people unable to travel. 

Areas affected by the rain in Karachi.

The departed Friday, rain in Karachi marks the date of heavy rain in some parts of the city like Lasbela, Korangi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Liaquatabad and many others. Water has accumulated on the roads and because of the lack of a proper water drainage system, there is a massive obstruction for the vehicles to pass. There have been knee-deep water that the cars seem to float through it. PMD (Pakistan Meteorological Department) has announced the tragic news that Karachi is surrounded by rain clouds and the mass of clouds that seem to hover over the city is slowly and gradually moving towards the city itself. 

Power supply failure.

The worst repercussion of outrageous rain in Karachi is the cut-off power supply in many parts of the city like Korangi, Layari, Malir, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and other areas of Karachi. Life has become challenging for everyone. In this modern world of technology, we need to work online and of course, because of the pandemic, life has become even more challenging and hard to handle without technology. The rain has got in the way of life and has made it tough and abstruse. Karachi, nowadays, seems to be in a test. The people are outrageous, concerned and worried about the present situation. The schools are closed. Their children’s education is at stake. Once because of Covid, life has served lemons to everyone and now the hefty rainfall has made it even worse. Problematic! 

Underdeveloped areas of Karachi are affected the most.

Not to forget the most underdeveloped areas of Karachi. The people who do not have proper sheltered homes need immediate care and concern. The rainfall has brought significant harms to the poor community. The crumbling walls and ceiling are a significant threat to human life. Letting alone houses, the pathway is another sort of an annoyance that has led their lives to the dark dungeon. Indeed, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the well-established water drainage system so that there is no obstacle of knee-deep water and they could travel to their destinations safely. 

Everyone is worried and concerned about the particular situation. Hope that the situation might get well soon. Prayers for the city of lights! 

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