Instagram in Pakistan, among bloggers is a big thing. But despite the best efforts, many Instagrammers did not get to see the attention and engagements they desire.

“Why is that?” is the big question and this video may not give the answer, but it will give you something you may not get from other formula videos on topic.

They are among the best, Peter McKinnon and Alan Palander. You may not hear of Alan but I am sure if you are remotely interested in Photography or Videography, you must have heard of Peter.

They are killing it whether it is photo or video, storytelling, or tutorial. It doesn’t matter if they produce content for YouTube or Instagram, the quality of their work is just, outstanding.

So what are their Dos and the Don’ts? They talked in this video and as always, their discussion is insightful and we can benefit from their tips and the mindset they worked with…

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