Ms. Fawzia Siddiqui started her journey to create Sada Welfare Foundation from a tragedy of her own. She decided not to fall over and cry her pain, but to get up and help others.

It was an honor and privilege to meet Ms. Fawzia Siddiqui for an interview through STARLINKS. Sarah Rahman and I got to know not only about Sada Welfare Foundation but the souls behind the mission through the chairperson, Ms. Fawzia. Sada Welfare Foundation focuses on the health of children and provides free medicines, blood, and related facilities.

We had a long, and I should add heart-to-heart conversation. We learned about what goes into a blood bank and how important it is especially for the kids.

The foundation has been around for a long time and has been doing a lot, but I just got to know about them, to which she said they prefer to put every rupee into welfare instead of spending into the promotion.

I agreed with that and personally I am willing to show them alternate methods for their promotion without spending an arm and leg.

The lifelong friends of the foundation and donors are supporting but they can do much more if more people know what they are doing.

Sada Welfare Foundation is in Karachi, based at NICH (National Institute of Child Health).

You can reach them, donate them on the following:
Contact: 03002000144, O2135657633

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