Disclaimer: This post isn’t a paid one, from CKO/KEF or from any of the Vendors present.

I know some of the stall vendors as they are part of the growing KEF Community (I took part in 3 of the past KEF’s). I got to know some of them over the course of Covid, basically, most of them have been able to battle these last 2 years. And then I got to see and hear about some of the vendors who have just started off their ventures and have put in a lot of their hard work and efforts towards their brand to present it at Karachi Eat Festival 2022. Now if we want to talk about the whole ‘responsibility’ element, just like we get to say NO to a Wedding, a concert, a book fair, or any other event which really do not have any SOP’s in place, we can say NO to KEF 2022 right. Even I being an avid fan of the festival is thinking of going there only twice this year, so, keep yourself calm guys. And lastly, it really is our responsibility to keep safe and be safe, so here is a huge shoutout to ALL the vendors present at KEF 2022. Now, for my wish list! (no order to the list, I was going through the list and picked what I liked so presenting in a chaotic order)

Bhabhi Ka Kitchen – Stall # 61 – Vada Pav – I mean, we really cannot say no to a Vada Pav right, and it looks like it’s done correctly and looks so good!

ChullBully Chatkharay (C Square) – Stall # 42 – Spicy Tarka Aaloo Burger – a friend introduced me to the boys behind this brand and as they walked me through their menu for KEF I was like Nice! so its street food is done well paying a lot of attention to the details!

Tokyo.Sushi.Station – Stall # 51 – Sushi! I mean why not, have tried their Sushi in past and liked what they have done, and I guess since they have the guts to do Sushi at KEF, these guys deserve a thumbs up!

Garage Kitchen – Stall # 69 – Fish & Tartar Sauce – It’s cold, it’s fish with tartar sauce, enough said! (that coated looks legit btw)

Saryal’s – Stall # 56 – Chawal ke Roti with Sarson ka Saag – This guy been trying to kickstart his home-based venture for 3 years or so, a dear friend, called me a few months back asking ‘Yasir bhai I need your help with KEF’ and I was like ‘let’s do it dear Saryal :P’ so yeah, do come to Stall # 56 and say Hello the Saryal Billoo 😉 OH btw, we are serving authentic Sindhi cuisine!

Shaheen’s Kitchenette – Stall # 63 – Fry Kebab – Another friend I know and she is none other than the lady with way too many glass bangles, the lady who took KFD and other food groups like a storm with her amazing food pictures plus being a fantastic home cook. So do visit her stall guys. She does amazing Kashmiri Chai as well.

The Dumpling Lab – Stall # 49 – Spicy Chicken Dumplings – Good-looking Dumplings huh!

Icemokescafe – Stall # 29 – Dragon Shots – Wondering if they have someone dressed up as Dianarys Tarrgarian 😛 if not I know a duo who do fantastic Cosplay guys, think about it.

SpicOgetti – Stall # 87 – Chicken Khaosay – Another old friend of mine from the KEF Community. With the endless debate on Khausay where I always win (you know my Khausay is better but yeah just kidding :P) these guys are always worth a visit at their stall.

Swich – Stall # 43 – Artisan Sandwiches – The minds behind Cheese & Co, worked up a Sandwich menu for KEF 2022. Food looks amazing so they are on my list.

Burger Bros – Stall # 8 – Hot Dogs & Fries – The same foodie boys who were one of the best hits in previous KEF 2022 with their Wagyu burger, there deserves a visit at their stall oh yes!

UpTop – Stall # 70 – Flamin Hot Dogs, Cola Poppers, and Artisinal Hot Chocolates – Another friend who started her cafe during Covid. After a few (secret) visits her cafe and becoming a fan of their Hot chocolates, asked her to please bring her menu to KEF and she did! Do visit a stall and say Hello to me and you might get to try a secret hot chocolate she ‘might’ name after me!

BuilderBurger – Stall # 11 – Cheddar Ranch Burger – Heard a lot about these guys during Covid times. The burger looks good so added them to my list for KEF 2022.

Fiz and Bob – Stall # 36 – Interesting branding and attitude I must say. Saw their page to find out they really do seem to know their sandwiches. Excited to try their menu at KEF.

EMAANS CAKES – Stall # 71 – Another old friend who decided to come to KEF 2022 after 3-year break or so. Excited to know what they are introducing at KEF this year. The husband is the one being Amazing Thai brand and heard from him about some new and exciting stuff they will have at KEF so yup on my list! (and I don’t want to get unfriended by him)

Nefis Foods – Stall # 19 – Halloumi Fries – Always a welcoming food product on my list. Plus these guys do some amazing Shawarmas and flatbread pizzas. Quite underrated in my opinion. Excited to have them at KEF this year.

Platter Planet – Stall # 16 – Various Hummus Flavors – Wonder what is on their menu for KEF this year. Been hearing about them for last few months so let’s see what is it about.

Khao Dosa – House of Khaosuey & Dosa – Splitza Dosa – Another old friend from my KEF community. They do excellent Dosas and Khowsuey btw. Will be going to say Hi and of course to try their menu.

KPav Karachi – Stall # 41 – Masala Sandwich – Loved their branding firstly, and secondly, their food looks amazing! Plus 2 people recommended me who are pretty solid when it comes to Indian foods so excited to try them out this year.

Dough Factory – Cinnamon Danish Puffs – Another old friend, the man behind the big hit like Masterclass Pakistan, then his own signature brand Shokolaa and now he has entered into the bakery industry with this new brand. Btw I have tried their Danish rolls and they were outstanding! first time at KEF so excited for them.

Desi Bites – Sajji Skewers – Always been a fan of BBQ foods and on my last post on KFD (while I was making this list), they were the first few who responded to my post and their menu seems quite interesting. First-timers at KEF so excited for them.

Adobo Mexican Grill – Breakfast Tacos – Well being my top favorite Mexican joint in Karachi, they always deserve a place in my list. I think it’s their second time at KEF so excited for this duo. Oh and that Taco looks Wow!

Brew Factory – Stall # 55 – The notoriously famous home-based chef with an interesting menu every time he is at KEF. A dear friend from my KEF community does amazing churros and coffee. And well he’s quite intimidating so yeah he can be on my list 😛 Do visit their stall guys, I might be around too…

ChumChayy – Stall # 76 – Interesting branding again. Soups. Winters. Enough said!

baker_on_a_breaker on a Break – Stall # 44 – Another new timer for KEF. Started his brand during Covid. Excited about their menu.

Shafaq Cooking Oil – Stall # B-7 – Pinch & Co. being the mind behind their menu for KEF 2022, of course, this is a must-visited stall guys.

And that is my wish list for KEF 2022 in 3 days (no wait 2 days). Yeah well, I have my own event on 15th January (I sell LEGO btw) so let’s see how things go. Best of luck to ALL the vendors at KEF 2022. Stay safe everyone. Keep me in your prayers.

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