What it takes to make a beautiful trendy self-portraits? Karina Martins shares her attempt of making an artistic portrait of herself in her latest Instagram post. Swipe through the images and in the end, you will get to watch her short Behind The Scenes clip. She reveals the secret behind her magical studio-space.

And now for the disclaimer, in case if you are here before the official launch. How would you know? These pages will no longer be here or will showcase words of the artist herself about what goes in her head when she was taking this picture or what inspired her to take this picture. She did mention who she was inspired by in the post.

The purpose of using this image is to finalize the layout of this site to display a dedicated section for creatives like Karina. So we will be able to produce a presentation, creatives deserve. We did set the basics with dummy data but we need to work with flow of original content.

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