The time we live in, is not easy. In Pakistan, there were days when income of one person was enough to meet ends comfortably for an entire household living in joint-family system.

I have not seen those times but my parents has, in their childhood.

Situation today is entirely opposite. The provider of a middle-class household, with multiple jobs barely fulfill basic requirements of his family.

The tradition of man-of-the-house being a lone provider, until the sons are grown up to take that burden, has been causing more socials issues in society than anything else.

A good friend Aqsa, or Brown Naqabi, as she is famously known in blogger community touched on this concerning topic. In her Instagram post she discussed the possible harmful impact especially on women when she came across a lady, who was going through an extremely tough situation.

Personally, I am in big favor of women (generally for everyone) to take skill-based training and education.

Skilled women can still choose to be at home and work, and be a supporting figure to her family and contribute in overall economic of country.

Keeping oneself busy is beneficial for mental health and God forbid if something tragic happen to her life-partner, she would know how to take care of things.

Let me attach her words for you.

Language on the original post (attached) is combination of Roman Urdu and English.

I did not translate Urdu parts 100% so do read Aqsa’s Instagram post for full story.

A few days back I got to know about a window and her own mother could not take her back in… (Her living issue was resolved by the help of relatives and friends)

So ladies, if your husband is well off, or anything, you SHOULD complete your education and have a good market skill so you can get a job and be financially independent by doing any business or freelance if (Allah na kuch bhi houn tw) something goes wrong.

When we get married we always hope for the best but we forget to prepare for the worst. Anything can happen, divorce, losing a job, a fatal accident, or terminal disease.

I am glad that our father is making us strong to face any difficult time. He is teaching us how to drive and support a small online business (IG: ) my sister and I started.

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