ADHD, I come to know this Disorder (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) through Gene, famously known as @PotatoJet.

To my understanding (which could be incorrect), this is condition where a person can either not hold focus on a task, or get laser focused on one thing.

And just like any other condition, identifying and accepting the condition is the way to manage it, and live with it successfully in a society.

This is where Kazim Trust comes in. The non-profit has been providing treatments for ADHD and related disorders since 2008.

“Khul Ke Bolo” is one of their awareness campaign, where I was not planning to go but then I went to meet Junaid Iqbal, who wasn’t there.

On positive note, I get to meet many others, including Nadeem Jaffery and a new singer Esha Arain, with her very strong first single on the topic of mental health.

I get to know the wonderful team behind Kazim Trust and learn their services for the community and so on…

More on their website:

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