As the country begins to see the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, and after having explored new ways to live and work, it is becoming increasingly common to see aspiring content creators from around the country. A progressively popular platform of choice for these new internet celebrities is Likee – a video broadcasting application that allows users to easily set up an account and gain popularity through unique videos.

It’s clear now that video is proving to be the medium of choice for Pakistanis in all demographics, and they look forward to increased representation for a positive and sustainable user experience. After having successfully captured the attention of so many young Pakistani viewers and content creators in such a short time, Likee is now offering its users a chance to win big in a first-of-its-kind provincial competition.

A total of eight participants were selected to represent Pakistan’s four provinces through videos; 2 people for each province. Out of those eight participants, only four have been selected as winners of the first round, and will now compete for first place. Each competitor was a representative and an ambassador of their province, and was tasked with introducing their audience with the culture and norms of their province in the most fun and interactive way.

Among the four finalists competing for first place, the overall winner was Phoolllu and he represented Punjab. Phoolllu has quickly become a Likee celebrity with more than 7.5 million fans on the app. His followers love him for Phoolllu’s bright nature and fun-loving, casual attitude towards life. Other competitors included Ayesha Ahmed from Sindh, Akhroot from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Arooj Fatima from Islamabad. These four talented content creators from around the country have been among the fastest growing Likee broadcasters in Pakistan, and are truly shining in this competition.

The competition was launched with the goal of offering viewers and content creators from everywhere in the country a chance to feel positively represented in popular online media, and offering them relatable perspectives from their favourite content creators. Positive representation matters for people from all provinces, for the way that it affects how others see them, and especially for how they see themselves, and is really an unmatched source of inspiration for young Pakistani men and women working towards a brighter future. It is with their inspiration in mind, that Likee has set out to shine a light on Pakistan’s delightful variety of cultures.

Spokesperson from Likee said in an interview, “Likee is committed to offer its users the best value that any online video production application can offer with its unique, culturally driven competitions, and a leading range of technical and entertainment features. The application is becoming more and more popular in Pakistan for the ease and creativity of its capabilities, and is proud to be on the way to become a household name in the online short video content production industry.”

Like has quickly become a global online video production phenomenon after its launch in 2017, and was ranked No. 1 in AppAnnie’s 2019 report. Just last year, Likee ranked 4th in global downloads, according to Sensor Tower.

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