We (@SocialsSay) dedicated an evening for Pakistan. We celebrated it by singing bits and pieces of our new and old Pakistani national songs.

Friends of friends and friends from social media took some time out to meet and participated in the peaceful lush green surroundings of Urban Forest (Urban Forest).

Mega thanks to everyone..We had masters of the music, we had singers most of you have been listening on social media and we had a couple of fresh talents, as well as fans of Pakistani national songs.

We had some tasty refreshments too during the get-together from “Street Pizzeria” (StreetPizzeria) and “Yummy for ur Tummy”.

Since we had our good friend and a seasoned fashion photographer Justine George (Jeem G), so naturally there was a photoshoot too.

Listen, Watch, and do relay your feedback in the comments. If you can, Share the video as well…

There will be more of such musical evenings and if you are interested to stay up-to-date, follow Socials Say (@SocialsSay)

Lead Singers
Mudasser Awan
Wardah Zee
Syed Hammad Shah Hashmi
Usama Nisar
Shahzad Fredrick
Gulbaz Anjum

Tabla: Nelson Francis
Guitar: Aleson Aslam
Harmonium: Gulbaz Anjum

On Camera
Justine George (Jeem G)
Asjad Fasih
Munir Rahool

Wahaj Ali
Asjad Fasih

Asjad Fasih
Munir Rahool

Special Thanks
Muhammad Ali
Madiha Khan
Mehnaaz Ameen
Waseem Sunny
and all the friends

Yummy for ur Tummy by Beenu Adnan
Street Pizzeria (StreetPizzeria)

Urban Forest (Urban Forest)

Project Coordinator
Yasir Billoo

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