Ali Zain said a few beautiful words on Facebook, for the newly wed celebrity couple, Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari.

Some times things don’t work out even in long-standing marriages. Its better to part ways and move on. Just to save lives, to stay happy, with the hope of a better future, with love.

I would not endorse the fact to save marriage because you have a daughter.

How could you keep your child happy and cherish her life if you are not happy yourself in a relationship and just keep on dragging it for no good reason. It feels like a burden on one’s shoulders.

Haters gonna hate.. We as a nation are very judgemental.

But we don’t know that how much physical and mental stress it could have on people who don’t like to live with each other anymore… It could sabotage their rest of the lives and those of people attached to them.
It was in the best interest of all everyone involved.


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