The record of raising voice in the country against the cruelty beheld on women has always been the hot subject. So much trampled that it has become measly and insignificant to some parties. Every other day, there is a news about ruining lives of women, rape, domestic violence, honor killings, acid attacks and whatnot. Women rights have always been violated with the heftiness and great level of chivalry. Since talking about the rights of women, the article breathes in the violence and presents it for the audience.

A few days have passed since the news about Noor Mukadam, a 27year-old daughter of Pakistan’s diplomat who had been allegedly murdered by Zahir Zakir Jaffer in the secured posh area of Islamabad is flooded on the internet and social media. Everyone around the globe is shocked to the core to hear the news of Noor being brutally beheaded by the murderer in his house. Police could not come to save the victim in time but has arrested Zahir Jaffer along with his parents and the two servants who had reportedly been hiding the evidence. Zahir belongs to a very well-off family, the family of businesses; albeit being at great misery could seem to avail the chance of fleeting.

The news about the killing of Noor is just so scandalous and outrageous that it has angered everyone on the internet and people have rallied with the hashtag of JusticeforNoor everywhere on the social media. The forensic reports reveal Noor has been stabbed and bruised before she was beheaded. This shows the signs of brutality and the level of frustration and aggressiveness in the male counterpart. Moreover, Zahir Jaffer claims to be having psychological issues as his Psychiatrist seems to regret about issuing misunderstood report of change in his behavior. The evidence to his psychotic temperament is just so vivid as he dragged Noor and collapsed her into the walls that he became overpowered leaving her vulnerable. The police witnessed Jaffer’s body soaked in blood as he decapitated poor girl’s head and put her to death. The police’s revelation about the presence of weapon, knife and an iron knuckle tells how violent and hostile could have been the murderer.

Now the folks want justice to be in front of their eyes. They are claiming to request the government to catalyze the laws of domestic violence and prioritize to demonstrate fairness in Mukadam’s case as soon as possible for the incident has completely devastated and shaken the people of Pakistan and the world. The present news about the case is quite satisfying as Jaffer has admitted the murder and his physical remand has been extended and the gruesome act by him would have to have the cruelest punishment ever.

From now on, all the attention is directed towards Noor Mukadam’s case about the procedure of the investigation. Everyone is anxious to know if Noor’s loved ones would ever get comfort and a sound sleep after getting justice in their laps or not. Hopes are high!

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