Joshua Vergara took his Pixel 4a to test the superior camera tech of the budget phone from Google priced $400. In the world where smartphones are considered not-complete without multiple camera lenses, Google has been sticking with their one-camera policy.

He discovered some Night Sight tricks during the tests, the difference between handheld vs when the phone detects being on a tripod.

Overheating was the talk of Canon’s new, packed to teeth camera EOS R5, but looks like Pixel 4a wanted to slip into the heated conversation too.

Joshua experienced how Google’s pocket-friendly hardware deals with the overheating problem when it disabled some of the commonly used camera features.

Despite the mega-pixel race among smartphones, the Pixel sports a 12megapixel shooter on the back. Pixel series from Google are famous for their best implication of computational imagining.

In simple words, whether it is a budget or high-end Pixel phone, it will have the best camera software – period.

Since I have not held Pixel 4a in my hands, I cannot comment on the hardware performance of the device. 6GB RRAM, Snapdragon 730 should have been enough to deal with day-to-day tasks.

Joshua said the same but then there is this tweet from Patrick I could not ignore either…

And back to Joshua, to his instagram account where he may or may not post more of photos he took form Pixel 4a.

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