Prime Minister Imran Khan has officially launched the Single National Curriculum (SNC) on 16th August 2021 – Monday, with an aim to end the disparity in the education system of Pakistan.

Source: MOFA

“This was my vision for last 25 years that one day in Pakistan we will have a single core curriculum for the whole country,” said PM Khan while addressing the SNC launch ceremony in Islamabad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that mental slavery is worse than physical slavery.

Afghanistan has just broken the chains of slavery, he said. His statement came a day after the Afghan Taliban took control of the capital Kabul and installed their government.

“It is more difficult to break shackles of mental slavery,” said PM Khan.

The uniform curriculum was prepared in consultation with all federal units including the private sector, religious madrassas and concerned stakeholders. Except Sindh the SNC has been launched from class 1 to 5 in public, private schools and other seminaries from the 2021-22 academic session.

The development of SNC is motivated by key deliberations such as the Quran, Seerat-e-Nabwi, Pakistan’s constitutional framework, and national laws or policies with their objectives and standards. It has been decided that the Sustainable Development Goals, the ideas of our Great Leaders Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal, a focus on values, admiration for variety in cultures and religions, and the growth of 21st-century skills including logical, decisive, and creative thinking will be of great emphasis.

Besides that, the SNC covering other major aspects including character building of students, promoting tolerance, maintaining peace, nationalism, civic responsibilities etc. Also, Muslim students will be taught Nazra as a compulsory subject.

The minister said that students of all sects of minorities will be taught books of their sects. Accessibility of SNC books would be ensured by the government in the markets. He said, comparatively, the SNC books are very cheap.

Imran Khan also added, he knew that bringing a uniform curriculum will be difficult as the elite system will not allow this change and create hurdles in it. He however assured that the process that has been started is irreversible.

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