Ali Zafar gets overwhelmed over his greatest success of winning the Pride of Performance award. It clearly seems how emotional he gets for being nominated for an honor. He inclines to share his prodigious thoughts running in his mind while being called for the prize.

Ali takes his fans on a journey of getting best from the life, utilizing it for the good and making it worth-living. He pronounces life a blessing and calls oneself the creator of his reality. It is, for sure a truth that every blessed human being on earth draws his reality with his own hands with the help of an ultimate Power that is none other than Almighty. It is a person himself who has to choose between the options; either he goes for the positive ones or runs to the negative ones.

At short, he is making the moments of his life.Albeit life is a blessing, it comes with its shortcomings as well. Everyone goes through the thick and thins and what is grand of a person? To overcome all. To get the damaging and deleterious beliefs out of your mind and pay all your mighty attention to the encouraging and progressive ones. Mind you, life gives you two kinds of people; ones who are the reason of your happiness and the others the reason of your tears and aggression.

There might be the judgmental people out there as well but what’s needed is to not let them invade the kindness and soft spots in your personality. Simply move on. Moreover, Ali warns the audience that life is never a bed of roses. It’s a continuous struggle, a strife and a war. We have to find what motivates us for good, nurtures us to a better human being and takes us to the serenity.

At last, he doesn’t forget to advice his fans and friends to respect the most beautiful relationship that we have; our parents who are our ultimate source of contentment and are the prayers behind us wherever we go and for whatever we achieve in our lives.

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