Will a professional Portrait Photographer use an smartphone to take pictures? Should a professional photographer use a smartphone to take pictures? Mr. Kazushi Momoi tested Sony Xperia 1 ii to give his opinion on the topic.

Hint: He would take Xperia 1 (mark) ii as a secondary camera.

Sony dominates Mirrorless camera and despite being the most prominent imagining sensors provider for smartphone cameras, their own smartphone line-up failed to mark the same impact. But that was in the past.

Sony Xperia 1 ii, Smartphone for Best Photography

Last year Sony showed what they can do with their own technology and this year, with the new Mark-ii range across the board, things are looking sharper than ever before.

Sony’s dedicated camera app for smartphones that mimic the interface of their dedicated professional cameras unlocks features to expert photographers. Mr. Momoi went through those features and showed how he would be using them.

Being an Xperia fan since their very first launch, I am very happy to see this new direction from the company where all their divisions are now working as one to produce the best smartphone they can make. From audio to display to design to now the camera and apps to utilize their cameras to the max.

What they need next is a good promotion strategies for these new handsets.

And I personally very much like to see new long-range optical zoom lens in their future smartphones. And a better native camera app.

Following are the words in which Sony introduced Mr. Kazushi Momoi and described his experiences with Sony Xperia 1 ii.

Having supported the development of Sony’s Alpha 100 camera and worked as an Alpha instructor, pro photographer Kazushi Momoi is an expert when it comes to achieving flawless portraits – now achievable in a smartphone with Xperia 1 II.

Using the Eye Autofocus function of Xperia 1 II, refining your captures just got easier with technology designed to focus on the subject’s eyes and face. Not only does this enable photographers to capture emotive shots, but it also allows more time to focus on the composition of an image. Akin to Alpha 9 cameras, Xperia 1 II initiates shooting at 20 frames per second to master those fleeting moments. Paired with Eye AF, this provides the unique capture of moving subjects up close, from family pets to athletes.​

With almost the same interface as Sony’s Alpha cameras, Photography Pro puts a premium photography experience in your hands. Whether it’s quick captures in automatic mode or manually adjusting the shutter speed and ISO sensitivity, Xperia 1 II enhances your creative vision. Thanks to its triple lens camera with 16mm, 24mm and 70mm lenses – now with ZEISS-quality optics – Xperia 1 II provides even more flexibility, with a dedicated shutter button for quick and easy capture.​

Combined with a large, high-resolution display for seamless review and editing, the world-class camera technology of Xperia 1 II makes it a top choice for pro photographers like Kazushi Momo

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