Public Supports ‘Shoaib Akhter’ through Social Media after the insulting remarks by the host ‘Nauman Niaz’ on a live show by PTV Sports.

Shoaib Akhtar

PTV had a live telecast of the television show “Game on hai” which was being hosted by Dr. Nauman Niaz on 26th October after the T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and New Zealand. The post-match analysis was taking place after Pakistan defeated New Zealand by five wickets. The panel had England’s Cricket team captain; David Gower, West Indies batting legend; Sir Vivian Richards, Pakistani women team captain; Sana Mir and former fast bowler; Umer Gul.

Shoaib Akhter was asked to leave the live show by Dr. Nauman Niaz. The argument started when Shoaib Akhter was appreciating and acknowledging that Lahore Qalandars found an amazing player, “Haris Rauf” and the host said he was being a little rude and was trying to be over smart. He continued being obnoxious and said that if Shoaib Akhter will talk like that, he can leave the show then he moved to ask question to the next guest; Sana Mir.

Shoaib Akhter cleared that Shaheen Afridi was found through under-19 Pakistani team. Right when Shoaib Akhter gave credit to PDP (Players Development Program) and Lahore Qalanders for selecting Haris Rauf. Later on, he walked off the show later and announced that he is resigning on-air. He apologized to all the players that were invited to the show and the viewers and then said that he cannot be sitting on the show where he has been treated like that on national television.
He behaved with dignity and handled the situation with utter grace, maturity and patience. Pakistani celebrities like Adnan Siddiqui also appreciated the national hero and applauded for him. Anyone in this situation would have lost the cool and it was easy to show anger after the insulting behavior of host.

The host; Nauman Niaz tweeted after receiving the criticism and hatred over social media that Shoaib Malik is a start and will always be the best who brought laurels to Pakistan that can never be denied. He added that one side of the story always attracts and then he wished Shoaib Akhter the best. Shoaib Akhter on the other hand tweeted to clarify that he was embarrassed that the host host asked him to leave the show in that tone. Especially in the presence of legends like Vivivan Richards and David Gower sitting beside you with some of the contemporaries and millions of people were watching.

He further added that Dr. Nauman Niaz refused to apologize after Shoaib Akhter himself apologized. This left him with no other choice than to leave the live show. This drama has rightfully attracted outrage on twitter and people demanding the host to be sacked after insulting a national hero on the live television.

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