The Aha moment that we have all been so desperately waiting for is finally here for all Pakistanis. Pakistan is lifting the lockdown emposed due to Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Pakistanis are a nation known for their love of food and especially street food. The ongoing pandemic has been keeping the food lovers away from their daily treats, whether it is roadside fast food stall or a friendly get-together on a luxury eatery. But things are about to change.

The COVID-19 pandemic shook not only Pakistan, but every single country in the world has been forced into a countrywide lockdown. It created similar setbacks globally, be it physically, economically, mentally, or financially.

Everything and everyone got affected by the novel coronavirus in one way or another. Although there has been no confirmed cure or approved vaccine available to treat Covid-19 yet, in these last six troublesome months we have learned enough to avoid getting infected and minimize the spread of this deadly disease.

With the surety of proper precautions in practice, the government easing off the lockdown. After six long months, the idea of everything shifting back to be normal started to sound like a dream has turned into reality.

The end to the lockdown comes with the opportunities for the foodies to dine out their favorite spicy foods, be it from a top-notch high-end restaurant or a small stall at street whose food oozes flavor.

Along with this, wishes of fitness enthusiasts and gym freaks have finally been answered too. The gyms and fitness centers in Pakistan are also unlocking their halls.

Families can also freely go out to enjoy their weekends in a park, mall, or beach. Shopkeepers can rejoice as their sales are going to go up with the ease in lockdown, and the financial crunch that most of them faced due to low/no sales in lockdown will finally be over.

This half-a-year long lockdown in Pakistan has been extra rough on the adventure and travel-loving people and related businesses. We are expected to see busy tourist spots in coming months.

The real surprise comes from the students. Kids recognized the importance of going to school. The fun time they had before coronavirus shuts down everything, including schools. While stuck at home, students learned that taking online classes in their comfort is not as fun as it sounds. They will be back in their school/college/university life. Reunited with their friends once again, hang out together in their respective institutes. Most of all, students and their teachers will be free from the stress of challenging online classes.

Workers can return to their workplace and continue with their jobs in a much more interactive and social environment, which was not possible by working from home.

However, we should never forget that Covid-19 is not over and our negligence can put lives back behind the locks. Implementing necessary precautions and following SOPs strictly should be our first responsibility.

These SOPs directed by the government are the only sure way to keep yourself and those around you safe.

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