This is the review of the new Canon Camera, EOS R6 I have been waiting for. Chris (IG: @chris.niccolls) and Jordan (IG: @thatjordandrake) from DPReview took both Canon EOS R6 and EOS R5 on a country-side, and turn this video into short documentary-styled high-quality travel vlog fun review, if that makes any sense.

Just to be clear, they are reviewing Canon EOS R6, but record the review entirely on EOS R5. Both units are on preproduction software and hardware. You will see photographs (mostly) Chris took with R6 and experience the video quality, the performance of IBIS, and the dynamic range of R5. Jordan has been operating R5 handheld throughout the video according to Chris.

Chris talked about everything in and out of camera, the body, the feel of handling EOS R6, the new battery, overall hardware, the software, and of course, the things that need improvements…

Jordan shared his in-depth experience of the video side of EOS R6.

So far, despite Canon EOS R5 being the most hyped and most wanted, most complete Canon Camera before the big announcements, Canon EOS R6 turning out to be the most easier Mirrorless system from company to recommend.

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