Faraz Ahmed is a crazee gentlemen, for cookies. He hasn’t had much since the start of pandemic. Trust me I know! I had to read his Facebook posts and that’s how I know when he tried this pleasureful delight called “Brookies“.

A deliciously balanced combination of, can you guess? Brownies and Cookies! Best of both worlds, in one bite, which Rida Bakes.

Look at the pictures of Brookies he took! Irresistible. I had to take his review and his pictures so you, my friend would know this too.

If you don’t know Faraz Ahmed, then better get to know him. By day he is Voiceover Artist, Marketer, a Content Creator, a Motivational Speaker too and by night, he turns into an Standup comedian!

Check Faraz Ahmed’s Facebook Page

Quick Review of Brookies

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been on very little sugar & dessert consumption overall. However, cookies are something I still kept as a staple in my snacks closet for once in a while munching to keep my sweet tooth in check.

I haven’t been ordering any food from outside except the home-made food businesses, and within those, there popped the profile of Rida Bakes (IG: @rida_bakes) and her story post about baking BROOKIES (brownies + cookies).

I instantly placed an order because I was really tempted by what she had posted and it was a great experience indeed.

I loved the way Rida did the packaging for this #HomeMadeWithLove 1-dozen box with her card (very concise design elaborating on her craft) and they came in fresh with no damage or cracks (even though they were the right kind of soft and crisp combination to break easily).

A great balance between cookie and brownie while giving the right kick of chocolate taste and brownie texture that instantly melts in your mouth.

Overall a great discovery from Rida Bakes and definitely worth the price I paid for this homemade delicacy “HomemadeWithLove”.

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