Simple, Easy & NO BAKE Mango Delight Recipe

Lockdown has been extra merciless for our foodie friends. It’s June and although some eateries are back in limited business, staying home and physical distancing is the best policy to slow the coronavirus spread.

So the food lovers are getting creative too. You must have met our dear friend Omayer from Hawwsips in a food review of NinjaWok, this time they made a dessert at home instead of ordering in. And he was kind enough to share the recipe…

Mango season has just started tou kuch na kuch to banana banta hai. While we love Mangoes, my sweet tooth also loves creamy Mango delight topped with whipped cream!

Ingredients Used

Candy Biscuit: 3 Half Rolls (You can use biscuits of your choice too).
Milk Pack Cream: 1 Packet
Mango Puree: 2 cups (simply grind mango chunks)
Mango Chunks: The more the better

How to Prepare

1st Layer: Crush biscuits and add melted butter (optional). Line the baking tray with this.

2nd Layer: spread a layer of chopped mangoes (chunky).

3rd Layer: Spread whipped cream over mango chunks.

4th Layer: Mango Puree.

5th Layer: You can top with anything which you think goes well with Mangoes. We kept it simple by using mango chunks & whipped cream only but you can decorate it with berries, bananas or biscuit crumbs.

Once all 5 layers are assembled keep it refrigerated and serve chilled.

There you go. It’s so simple & easy that anyone can make it & enjoy it during these quarantine days.


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