Some shocking harassment news regarding ‘Lahore grammar school’ has been viral since a day before. According to Rabia Daud viral post (student), several girls have been harassed by the teachers (name and pictures of teachers mentioned there), when girls collectively approached to female admin staff for complaint, instead of listening or supporting them, she scolded girls about their revealing clothes and asked them not to come here for their complaints. It must be heartbreaking for them when they were being blamed by the female admin staff.

A few days before, first time, my sister and I discussed how our school van driver and Molvi Sahab touched us, which made us uncomfortable. We neither shared with each other nor even with our mom or cousin’s sister to whom we were close with.

The reason behind our silence wasn’t that our mother was strict, and she didn’t believe us but, actually, we weren’t aware of bad touch or good touch… We have never been taught by our elders how to react and raise our voices. We didn’t like that but never had the courage to approach our parents and tell them, neither they came forward to openly discussed with us…

Till now, we couldn’t detach that incident from our minds. But we picked up that lesson to teach our children about Good touch and Bad touch. We always stay close to them, so they can discuss their issues with us.

I am glad that girls took a stand for themselves, got the advantage of social media, and exposed the actual faces of culprits. I believe, it will open those parents’ eyes who think that their kids are in safe hands. I am not saying every teacher, driver, molvi Sahab are bad. But, being a parent we should be vigilant and keep our eyes on every person who are nearby our children… we don’t need to trust anyone.

Our children’s are our asset and world to us. We should keep our ‘sharmo haya’ aside and should talk to them openly and friendly. So, they can never hide the things which bother their inner self. And take stand strongly if something goes wrong with them. There was a time when parents keep distanced with children and avoided bold talking but for now, this mentality has to be changed.

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