I can not express the emotions in words when I see these building around Karachi city. Walking among these marvelous heritages, situated in every part of city offers a walking experience like nothing else. And it is free.

Unfortunately, this treasure has been neglected. The beauty of this fine handcrafted artwork faded by unseen hands of the time. We as a nation, have been failing to take care of these irreplaceable treasure, but as individuals, we try to preserve the art and beauty through photos.

I loved this particular frame by Saira Malik. And I love the fact that she took the time to learn and write what this place is and what is happening. She has wonderful gallery of her Photographs on Instagram.

Heritage Walk Karachi (ig: @heritagewalkkhi) is one of the Groups that arrange PhotoWalks regularly to these places so we will not forget these and we will see the value of these architects, slipping away from our hands like sand in a fist.

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