Man has feelings, and he can cry too. Crying doesn’t mean he is weak. It simply means he is HUMAN. We often require a “good cry”, it makes you feel better. It is a natural response to emotion. It helps you relieve your anxiety, toxin, stress, and enhance your mood. Sometimes crying becomes healthy catharsis and allow humans to recover some mental balance after a loss.

However, our mainstream society makes this stereotype image that “A real man never cry”. It raises many questions in my mind Why? Why a man can never cry even though they have a heart. They feel sadness. They have to face challenges and obstacles. They also get abused, misuse, hurt but when they complain about it, they considered WEAK by our society.

Men also have a shallow tear duct although men cry less than women. They cautiously handle their emotions but if they desire a healthy cry why people mock at them, without knowing the fact that what he is going through. I remember I was a teenage when my mother admitted to the hospital she was in severe condition. Her blood reports were not satisfactory, but she was in need to be operated. We all siblings were terrified because of her blood condition.

My sister and I were badly cries. The fear of losing a mother made both of us broke down. Our cousins and aunts consoled, patted and hugged us, which somehow, pulled me out of the stress and worry. I remember, one of my brothers was standing in the corner, trying to hide his red teared sorrowful eyes and kept trying to hold his tears. He did not cry, neither anyone patted his shoulder nor I forced him to weep.

Because he was supposed to be a hard shell, big brother and elder son.

I remember, when I got married, I noticed my husband was worried about his parents I saw the same red teared sad eyes of him, but this time I didn’t stay quiet. I patted his shoulder and encouraged him to cry and made him realize that they are your parents. You can weep for them there is no shame for a man if he cries.

I remember, when my son born, I promised myself I will always encourage my son to release your emotion instead of holding it, which will affect him and others in the long run. Now, being a mother of three sons, I make them learn that crying makes you more affectionate. It makes you feel the pain of your loved one. Realize and understand others situation and helps you to be a better version of yourself, hurting no one for any reason.

Don’t hold your tears. Let it flow down your cheeks. It doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are human.

Spread peace and stay positive!

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