This is a temp post to finalize the layout for Short Film section of this website now. Once officially launch, this page will move to a better place. with a better content for the same film, because film is good.

Now I will pretend to write a sort-of review, or my reaction of this horror film. I will also include reaction of others from the comments of the video. That will show what majority of the viewer wanted to see or thought of the production.

This is a horror story of a woman invited to a party. She looks new in town. I really loved the touch of a broken smartphone she was using. She is not very well dressed for a party and her make-up was also not screaming her being a party girl.

The movie gave vampire-vibes from the get go and anyone familiar of vampire movies would instantly pick what the topic is about.

From there it is only matter of time when obvious will happen.

When a charming stranger invites her to a party, a shy woman’s fear of socializing turns into real terror. Directed by: Julianna Robinson Produced by: Sean Kohnen and Julianna Robinson Written by: Sean Kohnen and Julianna Robinson Main Cast: Abby Eiland, Andreas Riter, Sara Patterson, Ewan Chung, Sara Mayer-Fried, Robert McAtee

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