Asim Azhar, Hania Amir, and Tum Tum, these top twitter trends greeted me this morning. “Tum Tum” is the title of Asim Azhar’s new entry. The song hyped a couple of days ago when the team posted a teaser featuring a trending female TikToker, Areeka Haq.

Areeka and Asim got the taste back then for the things to come their way from the audiences and last night, at the release of the full video must have been a haven for haters. The surprise guest appearance of Hania Amir was the focus of ^discussion^.

To be honest, similar tweets from different accounts seem to work of -engineered content- but I would rather talk about the song itself and my reaction.

I like the production and I think I understand the theme of the song, the story if you will. I like the song, I did not hate it like Twitter did even though it is not of my style. I am not familiar with the artists and I do not follow their works. I will probably not listen to the song again for the sake of listening but I might watch it when and if it appears in my Facebook feed.

Here is my take of the artists who trended for right or wrong reasons.

Areeka Haq

I have not started to follow Areeka (ig: @areeka__haq) on any social network account. I have nothing against her. I think her performance was decent in the song. She looks good and got a nice collection of outfits to portray the character of a girl who loves to live big, but on someone else’s plastic.

I see her character as a Trend or Brand. They suck dry the resourceful ones and move on to a better one, leaving the previous victim with lesson not to follow such false idols.

Hania Amir

Hania (ig: @haniaheheofficial) stepped in for few seconds and took us out of the song. Her ultimate fans timing her on-screen presence. They questioned her role too. They compared her glamorous end walk with their own meaningless and even worthless acts.

Without understanding what she was representing, they talked about her appearance. At least she reminded many of them that they are living in Pakistan, which happens to be a Muslim country. I wish these people would remember the same when they support corruption, fraud, bribery, racism, and producing fake, harmful medicines too.

To me, she represented the next trend, the next rising sun, the next shining star that suddenly wiped everyone’s mind clean. The crowd (singers) who were victimized not long ago, dropped all the warnings they were spreading moments ago and start following the new one.

And the cycle goes on. That was the perfect ending. 

Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo

I watched two or three of Mooro’s (ig: @mooroosicity) vlogs/YouTube videos and I believe he is doing a great job in Pakistan. According to Twitter,  he was the star and reason for them to watch the song. They loved him on twitter.

I did not like him. Not a bit, in this song. I don’t know if being a comedic fill was his own choice or it was made by the creative team, his over-acting destroyed visual of the entire video. If I could, I would remove his insertions to watch the video.

I did not even think what he represented in the video but as I am writing this. I am seeing him as one of the trenders who would take anything to post any trend.

Tum Tum

I like the song, I mentioned that at the start. I did not like the title of the song but this is a personal thing. For me, this song represents our society. The population goes crazy and worships anything shiny or pretends to be an idol. The said idol used that attention for personal gain and move on to a better one. Until another big thing steals that attention.

Based on that concept, I see no issue with the video, minus the over-acting of Mooro of course. Twitter users are overreacting for no valid reason in my opinion.

Big Collaboration

The big part of this video song is a Collaboration between top artists from different platforms. As I said I am not familiar with many of them but Mooro from YouTube, a multitalented vlogger, Hania Amir needs no introduction. Areeka Haq joining from TikTok, a platform not known for respectable or quality content but it is on the top.

Asim Azhar (ig: @asimazhar) also has Shamoon Ismail (ig:@shamoonismail), Talha Anjum (ig: @talhahanjum), Talhah Yunus (ig:@talhahyunus), Raamis (ig: @iamraamis), and Asad Siddiqui (ig:@asadsidofficial). Let’s just pretend I know who they are and I did not just copy-paste their name from description of the video.

It is a great, very healthy development in our entertainment arena. Collaboration between artists from the same platforms is a common thing but good artists should break that barrier, look pass their egos, and come together to create beautiful things.

I do not expect others to share my opinion and I don’t show local content just to show my love for the country. I support quality content or I support the effort.

Here I appreciate the nature of collaboration and the content is not as bad as the Internet has been screaming.

Song Credits:

Music Producer: Qasim Azhar
Lyrics: Asim Azhar, Shamoon Ismail, Young Stunners, Raamis 
Co-Producers: Nafeel Ali & Asim Azhar
Recorded at Kazman Productions
Mix: Mo Khan
Master: Whitfield Studios (UK)

Video Credits:

Directed by Bilawal Hussain Abbassi & Issac Solomon
Executive Producer: ABK Films
Cinematographer: Ahsan Raza
Producer: Adil Malik (Elixir Productions)
Post: ABK Films
Art Director: Owais Baig
Set: Naeem Amin
Editor: Nouman Rafi
Make-Up: Babar Zaheer
Boys Grooming: Ilyas Salon
Stylist: Ifrah Humayun
Wardrobe: AK Galleria
BTS: Kashif Afridi
Choreography: Wahab Shah
Dance Crew: Team Anarchy
Production Team: Sikandar Ali, Syed Jahanzaib, Wahab, Kumail Abbas
Technical Facility: Xpose Films
Promotional Campaign Designed by: Clinch Agency

Special Thanks:

Hania Aamir, Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo, Eruj Hadi, Asad Siddiqui, Asim Jofa & Umer Mukhtar

Official Twitter

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