Stunt performer, Aaron Toney has been a part of top block buster movies but being an Avenger must have been the brightest star he would wear. And not just any Avenger, but the next Captain America.

Yes, Aaron was the man under Falcon’s armor during most of the fights and he was stunt-double of Anthony Mackie, our on-screen Falcon.

I got to know all of that and more from Corridor Crew, famous YouTube filmmakers, and special effect specialists, regularly invite stunt performers and filmmakers to their channel and talk the behind the scenes and the roles they play. In this episode of “Stuntmen React” Niko, Clint, sits with stuntman Aaron Toney and breaks down some of the craziest stunts in Hollywood as well as his own work, which is fascinating.

It is a wonderful segment because great actions are key element of the success of Superhero and action movies. While watching the movies, all we see is our favorite actors playing the roles of our favorite super heroes. We cannot realize how much efforts and hard work goes into these actions scenes and how many people are involved to make these flawless sequences that mesmerized us.

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