Availability of well-lit public spaces such as bus stands makes women feel safer and secure as they commute. Therefore, the provision of good lighting should be considered as an essential component in building safer spaces for women.

Let the dark be brightened with light and let fears be conquered.

Women’s movement and their use of public transport is compromised due to the discomfort, social stigma, and fear of harassment. Good lighting in public spaces can enhance the safety of women and girls.’The Transit’ was produced by Sarah Rehman under the Izhar By Film Fellowship – IBFF a collaboration between Morango and UN Women Pakistan, with support from Australia in Pakistan.

Concept/Directed By: Sarah Rahman.

Starring: Naxish Feroze, Aashir

Special Thanks To
Syed Khurram Jamal | Shakeb Kauser | Sami Waqar | Zulfiqar Kazmi

An Izhar By Film Production

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