Tyrone (ig: @almostevil31) is a very jolly good fellow, and he is a very busy man. So when we see him taking time out to write about something on one of his social media accounts, you better look into it.

He wrote his feedback (or review if you will) of Théátre Bakery & Café (ig: @theatrebymeatthecheese), a restaurant in Karachi in a way that puts you right then and there. You would experience what he experienced.

I personally loved this storytelling. But then again, if you know Tyrone, you would know he is a fine storyteller.

Let’s take a trip to Théátre Bakery & Café with Tyrone…

A roller coaster and a bit slow day at work today, I was pondering availing the dine-in/out option before the new restrictions and decided to head over to @theatrebymeatthecheese.

I had heard good reviews and was a bit excited and a tad apprehensive about what to order. I also was wondering if I would get a table.

The weekend in Karachi is cause for a celebration usually. I arrived there and walked in. The place was crowded but I was lucky to find a table for 6 all free. After asking the staff where to sit, I settled in.

So the menu is used as a table mat. Asking for the menu the waiter came over and flipped the mat. Next came the deliberation over what to order. I must have stared at the menu for 3 minutes at least. Finally asked the waiter for recommendations but decided to go for the beet-tinted chicken Canneloni.

I waited for my food to arrive amusing myself by eyeing the decor. The place has a decent ambiance. It’s well lit for sure. Nice chandeliers which Sia would love. My food arrived and it looked appetizing. I decided to dig in despite being a bit put off by the red pasta.

Anyway once I got past the cheese covering the taste was good. The sauce was good. There was a lovely touch of herbs in the filling. The quantity was good too, enough for a manly man like me.

Overall the dish was well worth 930 (Pakistani) rupees including tax and service charges. I would have loved it better if the actual flavours weren’t overpowered by the cheese.

If you haven’t tried this place, what are you waiting for? Go! The performance won’t disappoint you.

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