I personally have not tried tasting this heavenly-looking glass of Vanilla Ice Latte, made by Fatima Khan of chaayebiscuit. Chaaye Biscuit, which is the title of her Instagram account, means (For non-Urdu speaking friends here) Tea Biscuit and she talks about food on her account. All types of food, including coffee it seems. Wonderful account to follow.

Let’s see what hooked Fatima to this specific Iced Latte!

Vanilla Iced Latte

Not a coffee person but I’m hooked to this!

Brew some regular coffee with a pinch of cinnamon and 2drops of vanilla extract. Pour this mixture in ice cubes and freeze.

Prepare milk mixture by adding milk, 2drops of vanilla extract, and 1tsp of condensed milk.

Prepare instant coffee mixture by beating instant coffee (3 in 1) along with honey and 1tbsp water.

Assemble your cold coffee by adding ice cubes, milk mixture and then instant coffee mixture, mix and enjoy.

Condensed milk is totally optional

This recipe is solely mine (Fatima Khan’s) and is a part of a collaboration with the following beautiful girls:

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