The following event was witnessed and documented by Khaula Jamil (ig: @khaula28), a Documentary photographer, Photojournalist from Karachi. She shared her thoughts and pictures on Instagram, she can also be reached on her website

Today I attended a Nationwide protest outside the press club in Karachi which was organized by the transgender community (khwajasiras) to highlight the uncountable human rights violations they go through on a daily basis.
There must have been 100 khwajasiras and just a hand full of men and women- mostly photographers/reporters.

Because I was one of the very few non-trans people there, there were moments I felt they were appealing directly to me- asking me to raise my voice for them.

It broke my heart.
We have failed and continue to fail them over and over again.
So here you go, here are some pictures and videos of yet another community suffering in Pakistan (probably one that is most ignored and discriminated against) waiting and begging for someone to hear their pleas.
©Khaula Jamil


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