It’s not about you.

You say “it’s uncomfortable, it’s hard to breath”.
You don’t have a ventilator shoved down your throat.

You say “it’s inconvenient to stay inside”.
You’re not confined to the the four walls in a hospital room.

You say “we love our healthcare workers, they’re our heroes”.
You don’t care about them enough to follow their requests.

Don’t be those people.

Wearing a mask may cover your face, but it allows you to speak louder.

Staying inside may make you feel lonely, but you’re part of a community that knows what is right.

Being safe may seem unnecessary, but you’re saving yourself and so many others.

It’s not about politics. It’s about lives.
It’s not about opinion, it’s about duty.

You say:
“I want a haircut”
“I want to eat at a restaurant”
“I want to hang out with my friends”

What about:
“I want to live”

Written by Ayza, via Mehreen Ilahi

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