Wok Asia – A new kid in the Block! And Yasir Billoo taps away the order to know them better. And if you know Yasir, then you would know that knowing what he is eating is his special secret power he never shy from showing off – gladly. Because that’s how we know what is good and what is best. Here Yasir have to say things for Wok Asia.

I Been hearing good things about this new home-based eatery so I decided to give them a try. Ordered the following from them:

Dynamite Chicken (small) Rs. 600
Beef Chili (small) Rs. 800
Kindo Chicken (small) Rs. 600
Garlic chicken (small) Rs. 600
Fried rice (small) Rs. 400

Food arrived right on time, properly and neatly packed with respect to guidelines, etc. Here is a quick run down of the food:

Dynamite Chicken

This came in 2 containers, one with the chicken and one with the sauce. A quick warm up and it was ready to serve. Liked the way the sauce had the right kick of tangy and balance seasoning. The chicken was cooked perfectly. Ideal to have without rice!

Beef Chili

Was anticipated to try this out and thankfully it turned out as good as I expected. With right amount of spice and chilies, the beef cooked perfectly, liked the way the beef was cut in thin enough strips. The herbs and onions had a balanced flavor to the chili beef. Clearly one of the best Beef Chili available around town!

Kindo Chicken

Came in 2 different containers as well. The combined product turned out pretty Ok, liked the sauce with those carrot pieces but the chicken was a bit tough in my view. The flavor profile is unique with this and have a feeling this would be appreciated by many!

Garlic Chicken

Loved the old classic flavors of this one. Enough chicken and that thick gravy. Comfortable to be enjoyed by everyone! This is my second favorite from this eatery.

The fried rice had a classic basic flavor just like available everywhere else. What I really liked about Wok Asia is they have paid attention to the desi flavors we are all too comfortable with. The serving size is generous with all the food ordered. We will be trying their seafood next.

Good luck team Wok Asia!

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